Memory of Nation


Jiřina Dupalová (1924)

  Jiřina Dupalová (1924)
I just wished they would shoot me straight away

Witness of the attack on the church where the paratroopers hid

“I remember that I woke up at about five in the morning, and I wanted to go have a drink. We always had a glass of cold water on the window sill, and as I came to the window, across the street - I was walking with my eyes closed, so as not to rouse myself too much - a shot rang out. I looked, and there were German soldiers standing across the street. So I quickly pulled away. Well, and then they started throwing grenades, by the church there. Such a racket, we didn’t know what was going on. It looked like it was happening in the house next door. We had a wardrobe in the wall like this, so we climbed into it and peered out of a crack to see what was going on. Well, and we saw there were lots of dead people there. They hadn’t closed the street off, they let the people go on their way to work, and they shot them up.”

  • 1924, born in Kutná Hora
  • 1928, moved to Košťálov
  • 1941, went to Prague to study a language school
  • June 1942, witnessed the Gestapo operation against the paratroopers sheltering in the Church of Sts Cyril and Methodius in Prague
  • 1943, forced labour in Semily - avoided assignment to the Reich
  • 1946, completed her studies in Prague
  • 1948, her father’s vinegar and mustard factory was confiscated
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