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Věra Kalná roz. Ježková (1929)

 Věra Kalná roz. Ježková (1929)
Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you

Right of domicile in Kuks

“My great-grandfather Vincenc Ježek was a stonemason in Kuks. When he saw what great conditions they had there for old people, he applied for the right of domicile in Kuks. For himself and his descendants. So my father had the right of domicile in Kuks, and I had that right too. But the Germans came and took Kuks. And I had to apply to have my residency right transferred to Bohemia. So I lost my right of domicile in Kuks, but that doesn’t matter because the right of domicile doesn’t exist any more anyway.”

  • born 1929 in Jetřichovice, Central Bohemia
  • grew up on several farms, where her father worked as an administrator
  • during WW2, lived in Zaječice with a rich Jewish family, which had to flee the country at the outbreak of the war
  • moved to Tvoršovice Manor in Neveklov District, witnessed the original owners and then forced Nazi administration
  • Neveklov District was appropriated by the Germans to serve as training grounds for the SS; the family was allowed to stay and tend to the farm
  • liberated by the Red Army
  • witnessed the return of the original inhabitants of the area
  • when the Communists came to power, the old farmer families were deported again
  • her father refused to join the Communist Party and was later ousted from the estate
  • graduated in German and Russian from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague; taught both languages at the faculty
  • since 1960s, lives in Říčany near Prague
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