Memory of Nation


Milan Uhde (1936)

  Milan Uhde (1936)
I tried to confront everything with my conscience

I wanted to be a loyal and honest citizen

“This loyalty pertained to politics as well, and that was why I felt with the German soldiers at Stalingrad who were defending us, right, and I felt with the communists. It was one of my lifelong ideas or dreams that I would be a loyal citizen, an honest citizen and an honest person. My young friend Jiří Šimsa, when he reviewed my book Rozpomínky - he knew me well, although he was two generations younger - he wrote that he felt how difficult it had been for me to take courage to sign Charter 77, because I always desired be in agreement. Rebelling or opposing something was not natural to me. And my second lifelong experience, which is perhaps no less intense, it is perhaps even greater, is a feeling of fear. I remember that this fear, although nobody instigated it in me - on the other hand, my parents tried to create an ideal of a family idyll as hard as they could - everything is all right, the sun is shining and people are smiling, singing, and playing the piano, dad playing the violin, and we are talking about nice natural positive things - and in all this I could still feel the artificiality and pretence of it. A child can sense it, even if it does not understand it and cannot interpret it nor define why it is.”

  • born on July 28, 1936 in Brno
  • elementary school, life in the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia
  • persecution of his mother for her Jewish origin, death of his grandparents in a concentration camp
  • 1950s – inherently in agreement with the communist regime
  • year 1956 – turning point in his thinking and further orientation in relation to the speech of N. S. Khrushchev and the events in Hungary
  • 1960s – editor of the magazine Host do domu, publishing activity, author of theatre plays
  • 1968 – disagreement with the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia
  • 1970s – marked as an enemy person, the publication of the Host do domu periodical was forcibly stopped, blacklisted author
  • persecuted by the communist regime until 1989
  • 1990–1998 – active in politics
  • served in the Council of the Czech Television until 2014
  • still active as an author
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