Memory of Nation


Marie Zajícová, roz. Hotařová (1937)

    Marie Zajícová, roz. Hotařová (1937)
Work honestly and with joy so that you will be able to say: I enjoyed being whatever I was

If Hitler had won, it would have been us who would have been going away, and who knows where

“I was about eight years old after the war, and I was looking from the window and they were riding in wagons. Each of them carried a small rucksack. There were adults and little children, and I felt so sorry for them and I cried. And I thought: If Hitler had won, it would have been us who would have been going away, and who knows where.”

  • born on August 4, 1937 in Menhartice
  • her mother was a teacher, her father was a farmer
  • after the end of WWII, soldiers spent the night in their barn and they left behind an unexploded grenade
  • witnessed the deportation of Austrians after the war
  • graduated from grammar school in Moravské Budějovice in 1954
  • due to the tuberculosis of her father and brother she was taking care of the farm and feeding the cattle, her mother taught at school
  • Marie’s uncle was persecuted during the collectivization process in the 1950s, interned in Dolní Rožínka for six years, forced labour in uranium mines
  • all cattle was confiscated from Marie’s family
  • Marie’s mother was dismissed from her job as a teacher due to her religion and she had to work in agriculture
  • Marie was not allowed to work in the Agroprojekt company, although it was an agricultural business, she had to work on a farm instead
  • only after her wedding with Miroslav Zajíc in 1957 she was allowed to leave Menhartice
  • they moved to Horní Cerekev, then to Antonínův Důl and later to Jihlava
  • Marie had two children, a daughter and a son
  • after 1989 she succeeded in claiming rehabilitation for her mother
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