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Private First Class (ret.) Vojtěch Cimbolinec (1915)

Private First Class (ret.) Vojtěch Cimbolinec (1915)
We are not Ukrainians

Draft to the Czechoslovak army

“What happened next: he crossed out Hofeminec and he wrote Cimbolinec Vojta instead. And so I was born… The draft got delayed because of me. That was because those of us who were born in 1915 registered for draft in the national administration office and we said that we were war children: ‘You are weak children, and so you will be drafted in the third draft altogether.’ It was not to be the second draft. The third draft and that was it. I registered myself in the administration office and I received a card confirming that I registered in the regular term. That was possible. Boys went to the regular draft and I did not get called.”

  • born October 13, 1915 in the village Berehovo in Carpathian Ruthenia in the then Austria-Hungary
  • October 1, 1938 mobilized into the Czechoslovak army, served as a messenger in the motorized troop in Prešov
  • considered crossing the border to the Soviet Union in 1939
  • worked in a shop
  • briefly served in the Hungarian army in 1943, served in the motorized troop in Košice
  • November 23, 1944 - joined the 1st Czechoslovak army corps in Syvlyush (present-day Vynohradiv)
  • served as a driver in the motorized battalion
  • took part in the fighting for liberation of Liptovský Mikuláš and in other combat at the Czechoslovak territory
  • bringing back the original Czechoslovak property from Austria and Germany after the war
  • employed as a bus driver in Děčín and Prague
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