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Vladimír Fassmann (1923)

 Vladimír Fassmann (1923)
He was to inherit a brewery. Instead, he unloaded wagons and watched as his property fell into ruin

Pumping water before there were water pipes in Rožnov

“When I was born, there were no water closets yet. We used outhouses. You had to go down from the first floor and out into the yard. It wasn’t until around twenty-eight that they installed water pipes in Rožnov. I remember the maidservant trundling along with the wheelbarrow, the so-called sack barrow. You loaded that up with containers, buckets, and took it to the public pump near to where the assembly house is today. You pumped the water into the buckets, took it home, and then had to carry it up to the first floor. It was hard work.”

  • born 17 September 1923 in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
  • comes from an aristocratic family, his grandmother was Anna Kamel of Hardegg
  • his grandparents bought the Rožnov brewery in 1912
  • attended a brewery school, but his studies were interrupted by WW2
  • 1949, the family brewery was nationalised
  • employed as a worker at an agricultural cooperative in Rožnov until his retirement
  • 1994, received the dilapidated brewery estate back by restitution
  • passed on the estate to his grandson Tomáš Kupčík, who rebuilt it into a prosperous brewery and spa
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