Memory of Nation


Ing. Hana Holcnerová (1960)

Ing. Hana  Holcnerová (1960)
A mother on maternity leave fighting for freedom and democracy

A house search in March 1989 due to a petition for release Standislav Devátý

“A door bell rang just as we were washing the floor with the girls. I had a bucket with water there and now I opened the door there was a bunch of men. One of my daughters moved back and spilled the basket; the hallway was full of water. I told them to wait until I clean it up. That was the kind of nice entrée. Then I told myself I didn’t care about them at all, so I said I got to make food for my kids. But they could not just walk around the flat on their own, so they kept waiting some more for me to finish making lunch. Then I poured myself red wine and asked them if they wanted to have a glass with me. Then I made a statement into the protocol, some terribly witty one and they left.”

  • born on 18th November, 1960 in Brno
  • signed the Chart 77
  • participated in the dissent
  • co-founded the Brno forum
  • printed and distributed samizdat
  • a reporter of the Eastern information agency (VIA)
  • persecuted and tapped by the secret police
  • arrested by the Secret police several times
  • co-founded the Civic Forum
  • in 2017 lived in Jeseník
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