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Mgr. Radek Kotlaba (1967)

Mgr. Radek Kotlaba (1967)
History seeks characters, through which it gets realised

Red pioneering scarved of pirates and cowboys

“I remember exactly joining the Pioneer. It was at a school event, probably the Spartan celebrations. They drove us by bus to Prague. I swore the pioneer oath in the museum of V. I. Lenin in Hybernská street. They tied our scarves and swore an oath. We considered it a formality, which I probably perceived as an opportunity to escape to Prague back then with neither negative nor positive connotation. When we got back to Boleslav and got out of the bus, we tied the new scarves around our heads or diagonally over an eye and played pirate and cowboys in the park. Someone spotted us there and called the director. We got a major talking to for profaning the symbol of pioneering organisation and we were not worthy the scarves. That was the first time I realised that all that was not just a game and things are not functioning all that spontaneously. Apart from having such a funny story it made not deeper marks on me. Even today I have the red scarf in my wardrobe.“

  • born on 3rd January, 1967 in Mladá Boleslav as the first of two children
  • following graduation at the gymnasium he studied at the Faculty of Pedagogics for a year in Czech Budweiser
  • shortly worked as a teacher at the elementary school in Mladá Boleslav and further continues studying at the Faculty of Pedagogics in Ústí nad Labem
  • during studied plays in a theatre group, signed the petition Several Sentences and attended the Democratic initiative meeting in Brno
  • on 17th November 1989 participated in meeting in Albertov and marching to Vyšehrad and Národní třída
  • became a member of the strike committee at the Faculty of Pedagogics in Ústí nad Labem
  • in 1990/1991 participated in establishing academic community, academic senate, students´ self-government, scientific committee meeting
  • following studies he shorty acted as a pastoral assistant in a parish and then worked as a teacher at the gymnasium in Mladá Boleslav, where he has been teaching until today
  • got two daughters, lives with his family in Mladá Boleslav and plays amateur theatre
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