Memory of Nation


Vít Kvapil (1936)

  Vít Kvapil (1936)
Horses were my biggest hobby

Leaving the united agricultural cooperative (JZD)

“Well and then some kind of a chap in the region or someone envious was asking about the fact I left to cooperative so I had to attend a meeting in Šumperk and some Fojt from Hoštejn was talking about the fact a man, who was born here in agriculture left here and went to engineering. So they let me choose from about five companies. And so I took a bike to return to the ditch in but I met a friend, who worked in Prefa in Postřelmov before and he said: ,Come and join us, it is constructions too after all!‘ So I went there and the director in Prefa was called to the region and said: ,I did not know that so I hired him.‘ So I never left from there.“

  • born on 14 February, 1936 in Sudkov
  • military service in 1955
  • during collectivisation family fields and animals were taken
  • work in JZD and later in the Prefa factory
  • 1963 marriage
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