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Gudrun Wilcke -Pausewang (1928)

 Gudrun Wilcke -Pausewang (1928)
When I remember my elementary school teacher, I always have to think about how his mustache was burned

Massacre of Wichstadtl

"The war ended on May 8. And on the 22nd May, I believe, there was Pentecost, and on the 24th or 25th of May a group of paramilitary Czechs came to Wichstadtl, and they had 10 men, 10 German men, totally white, all tormented. The mayor and the teacher, the head teacher, have been treated quite terribly, clothes stripped, and then, e.g. they burned his moustache with the lighter. And then they killed them. My father should also have been amongst them... All German men were selected, but only 10 were chosen. Shortly after, a German who was at home in the Glatzer Kettle, who had nothing to do with Wichstadtl, had come to Wichstadtl, because his wife inherited a house. He was already retired and had troubles with his hearing. Then he heard that my father was called, Siegfried Pausewang. He heard badly and thought it was Emil Pausewang, that was his name. And he's been beaten to death. A father of an SS soldier, a German father who could do nothing for it. He was also killed. Or a German, who had a Czech name Šafář, but he was German, he could not speak Czech. They have also killed him, because he changed his name from Šafář to Schaffer. And a German, who had an arm missing from the war, has also been killed. There were a total of 10 people. It is known where they were buried. They have already been excavated. The son of the mayor, who has the doctrinal title, and he has managed that his father, the mayor of Wichstadtl, that his honor was restored. And now, at Pentecost, there shall be an altar, where the dead are all lying."

  • born on 3 May 1928 in Wichstadtl (Mladkov)
  • her father died in war; after the massacre of the Germans in Wichstadtl her mother fled along with six children to the West
  • Gudrun became a teacher; more years taught in the South American
  • belongs to renowned German-speaking children and youth book authors
  • lives in Baunach (Oberfranken)
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