Memory of Nation


Marie Popelková (1931)

  Marie Popelková (1931)
I tried to behave decently

Daddy´s shop got closed and he was sent to the forced labour

“Indeed I remember that. Around our house there was the main road. It was really terrible. Tanks and cars were driving past. There were soldiers everywhere. It was pretty bad. We were scared. We were hiding in the room so that no one could see us. Daddy´s shop got closed down and he was sent to Ostrava. But I remember that he came back home once, packed something up and I did not know what it was. But later I realised it was money. He sent some cash to a certain doctor to acknowledge he was sick and did not have to go to Ostrava anymore. And then he stayed home with us.“

  • in 1931 born in Hrotovice
  • on 8th May, 1945 – tragedy in Hrotovice with 114 victims
  • 1950s – education of nuns in Jaroměřice, later family school in Brno
  • 1953 – wedding
  • 1955, 1960 – birth of children
  • 1960s – life in Uherské Hradiště, work in the social area
  • 1969 – troubles with own religion
  • working nearby former State forests in the castle in Židlochovice, hunting and meeting of former state representatives
  • 1988 – return to Hrotovice
  • husband´s death
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