Memory of Nation


Anna Moštková (1937)

 Anna Moštková (1937)
In the abandoned settlements around Staré Město

Her father died in the Wehrmacht

“We were living in Bärengraben when he was drafted. The neighbours told him to go work in the mines, and he said he wouldn’t go underground for anything. So he had to join the army. He was home on leave twice I think. He always came by train to Branná, and Mum already knew about it and would quickly climb up the cherry tree to pick cherries and then bake a cake from them. She always looked out from the tree to see if he was coming up from Branná. He was home twice, and Mum always accompanied him all the way to the station in Branná. He always told her to go, that he wouldn’t look back. And back then, the last time he left, Mum did turn to look and so did he. That was the last time they saw each other.”

  • born 18 February 1937 in the settlement of Bärengraben (Medvědí Rokle)
  • German ethnicity
  • her father was born in the now-defunct settlement of Altenberg (Starý Kopec)
  • her mother was born in the almost completely devastated settlement of Urlich (now Javořina)
  • her father died while serving in the Wehrmacht in February 1944
  • her family was not deported with the other Germans
  • as of 2017, lives in Staré Město
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