Memory of Nation


Lenka Bártová, roz. Trutnovská (1948)

  Lenka  Bártová, roz. Trutnovská (1948)
I thought my father was a criminal

Reunion with father

“It was such a terribly sad encounter for me because across from me was sitting a person that I could not hate, I loved him, but he was a sad person, always looking over his shoulder. And I realised that they basically released him from one prison into another one. He never said a word, apparently he was being watched. I was a naughty child and because I am a straightforward person I wanted to know the truth. But I never learnt it until 1989. ”

  • born on the 14th of February 1948 in Dolní Jiřetín
  • father participated in anti-communist resistance movement
  • father sentenced to death (the sentence ended up being changed to life in prison)
  • father released from prison after fifteen years, died shortly thereafter
  • limited education options for children of political prisoners
  • studied at a secondary pedagogical school
  • spent most of her life working in education
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