Memory of Nation


Dao Le Quang (1965)

  Dao Le Quang (1965)
I was sent to Czechoslovakia as one of the best students

Vietnam War

“I experienced aerial attacks of the American B-53 bombers and went through the horrors. Next to our village there was a big factory which was also being targeted. The bombers were flying over our heads. We were hiding under ground and at school we hid under the tables serving as a shelter. We had to run and hide underneath the tables every now and then.” – “Did the bombers ever hit the village? Had anyone lost their life?” – “Yes. Quite a lot of people died near the factory. It was a factory producing fertilizers for the agriculture.” – “How did your parents explain to you what was happening?” – “Everyone knew that the Americans were the enemy who wanted to occupy Vietnam. When they started to bomb civilians, they became a major enemy to us.”

  • born on 1 August, 1965 in Thanh Dinh, Vietnam, 80 kilometers north of Hanoi
  • from a poor family of the teacher Le Diên Co
  • his eight siblings died as a result of poverty and the use of chemical weapons during the Vietnam War
  • in Vietnam he studied chemistry at a high school of technology
  • came to the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in 1984 when taking part in an educational support program
  • completed vocational training for a locksmith in Milevsko
  • was supposed to return to Vietnam after seven years of studying and working in Czechoslovakia, but never did
  • in 1992 married Czech girl Olga and founded a family
  • in 1990’s salesman with clothes; later businessman in catering
  • sings and plays the guitar; became known as the “Singing Cook”
  • features in a documentary movie titled “Northern Vietnam is Cruel”
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