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Václav Bláha (1949)

 Václav  Bláha (1949)
I tried to show what was wrong in society

An artist without support

“Everyone received a scholarship after school. The kind that you get for three months, everyone got it. And then there was the creative scholarship, which was granted by the Fine Artists’ Fund or Union based on an assessment of your work. And I didn’t pass. I didn’t pass [the selection - trans.], so I didn’t get any scholarship. I wasn’t accepted into the Fine Artists’ Fund, I was merely registered and had to find myself a job. My dad helped me with that, so I became contract teacher at a secondary school. It was a whole new life. A big turning point at university was also that I married in my second-last year, so I started a family life that lasted seven years and produced one child.”

  • born 1 April 1949 in Prague
  • his father was the book designer Václav Bláha
  • 1964, completed the Secondary Vocational School of Art in Prague
  • 1974, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
  • refused to join the Socialist Youth Union or the Communist Party
  • his works bothered Communist functionaries
  • he was refused membership in the Fine Artists’ Fund and did not receive any scholarships
  • he worked as a secondary-school teacher and a restorer
  • he is the author of numerous paintings and art installations
  • author of the installation Průnik (Intersection) in Charlotte, US
  • author of the installation Evropský dům (European House) near Eschlkam, Germany
  • one of the founders of the artistic association 12/15 Better Late Than Never
  • after 1989, saw to the renovation of Prčice Hall, which was returned in restitution to the family of his wife
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