Memory of Nation


Romana Křenková (1955)

 Romana  Křenková (1955)
From the depths of persecution and solitude

Violation of home privacy

“They persecuted us for incitement to revolt at first. It began while we were still living in the parish house, where we behaved... My husband decided - after there had been no water in the village for a week - that he will go and wash himself in the house of the chairman of the national committee [something like the village mayor - trans.], who did have water. Well, but of course that was an act worthy of a revolution. So he went to have a wash, he put one foot into [the chairman’s] flat, which was presented as a violation of home privacy, and then he lost his permission to provide spiritual care, and it all went downhill from there.”

  • born 16 July 1955 in Prague
  • childhood in Kardašova Řečice
  • grammar school in Mělník, class teacher Antonín Vrba
  • invited to the parish house in Libiš - met Jakub Trojan, Alfréd Kocáb, and others
  • married the Evangelical pastor Miloš Lojka, lived in the parish house in Kralovice (Pilsen-North)
  • her husband lost state permission to serve as a pastor and was drafted into the military, charged with sedition and imprisoned for distributing Charter 77 and reading from the Bible
  • lived in Oloví (Sokolov District), manual labour, house inspections, followed and interrogated by State Security
  • worked in the legal department at Řempo Praha; Miroslav Polreich, Jiří Hájek, studied law at university
  • took part in demonstrations in 1989
  • after 1989, worked in the secretariat of the minister without portfolio
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