Yris Tamara Aguilera Peréz (1975)

  Yris Tamara  Aguilera Peréz (1975)
"Cuba is no longer the one we knew yesterday. Yesterday, everyone was hiding, while today, they manifest themselves in public."

The life of Cuban mothers

“For Cuban mothers who dare to challenge the regime, the life is very difficult. The children grow up and we do not realize it, since we have to leave them in our houses, while many times there is a police unit waiting. And you do not know if maybe even your son is inside the house, without even a bite of food, waiting to the neighbor to help him. Because in many moments we were taken out of the house and our children were left without any care. This exactly happened to my boy, Daniel Rodríguez Pérez, that I went out for food and a friend told him: ‘I saw your mother being taken by patrol.’ And my husband was in prison too. Which means that my son had to learn to cook already at the age of nine, because otherwise he would starve. The neighbor was giving him some rice and egg so he could eat something, because many times I went out, but didn’t come back until the next day, or maybe after 72 or 92 hours. That is the life of a Cuban mother who dares to challenge the regime.”

  • born on August 20, 1975, in Cuba, province of Tabasco
  • in 1994 was born her only son
  • in 1999 she met the activist Berta Antúnez and joined the Cuban opposition
  • numerous times arrested, tortured and threatened by the government
  • 2002-2016 marriage with the Cuban activist Jorge Luis García Pérez, known as "Antúnez"
  • since 2013 about 7 visits to the United States of America
  • president of the Rosa Parks Feminist Movement for Civil Rights
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