Memory of Nation


Raúl C. García (1946)

  Raúl C. García (1946)
"Castro’s regime seized all our hope, so we went to search for it."

Life in the guerrilla of Escambray

“My life in the guerrilla was very short. There were very tough guerrilla leaders. The camps were improvised, it was not actually a stable one. It was not a camp where you could be during many days without problems, it was in constant movement. With the food, it was very difficult - there were co-workers who could bring food, but if there was a movement, this was not possible… Also, you were spending nights and days in rain or anything like this. It was very difficult with the wounded ones. A wounded man could not be taken to the hospital, he had to be healed by the peasants. There were controls which would take you into a prison if they caught you entering into these places with medicine or clothes. The guerrilla life was very difficult. I’m telling you, the camps could not be stable, fixed, they had to be in movement. Because there was no controlled territory. Everyone was in their area, constantly moving. The offensive was increasing constantly, and there was constantly less support from the collaborators of the guerrilla.”

  • born on March 3, 1946, in a Cuban family of peasants
  • in 1959, when he was 13, triumphed the Cuban Revolution
  • in 1963 joined the Guerrilla of the Escambray Mountains
  • on 15 August, 1963, he was captured by Fidel Castro’s army and sentenced to 30 years in prison
  • 1963 - 1979 prison (released after 16 years)
  • 1979 evicted from the island of Cuba to Miami, United States, where he lives until nowadays
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