Memory of Nation


Irena Eliášová (1953)

    Irena Eliášová (1953)
While aging, I recall my parents whom I'd like to stay here forever

Romani identity

"For me, to be a Roma means for children to respect their parents. To respect their parents and their elderly. This is the spirit of being a Roma, and a number of other things. But even if I wanted, there is no way to persuade people to admit they are Roma. And that is wrong." - "In your case, is this related to the use of Romani language?" - "Certainly. Yes, I was just thinking about it. I am terribly grateful to Ms. Milena Hübschmannová for instance, even though I never met her in person. I thank her very much for practically enable us to write in our mother tongue. That is a wonderful thing. I am only sorry that my mummy couldn't live to see it. She was a well-read woman and she'd never had believed someone would be able to speak Romani. A white person speaking Romani perhaps better than myself. I mind, you know. But seriously, Milena Hübschmannová contributed to our language being taught at a university along with all others which is beautiful. Us Romani people, we should really be grateful. I am only sorry for not having known her."

  • born on 3 May 1953 in the Roma settlement of Novésa, Slovakia
  • in the 1960s her parents moved to Czechia to seek work
  • after finishing elementary school began working as a seamstress
  • got married and brought up three children
  • in 2008 published a story book "Our Settlement"
  • member of the Writers Association
  • publishes in magazines and anthologies; attends author readings
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