Memory of Nation


Mgr. Daniela Cincibusová (1951)

Mgr. Daniela Cincibusová (1951)
Social workers were asking me whether I would mind Roma children

Family origin

"My mum is Slovak and my dad is also Slovak but his father was a Slovak Roma. My grandma - the mum of my dad - was white. That probably means my dad is half Roma. I am quarter Roma. But my family was never open about having any relationship with Roma people. It's just that my dad was an outstanding musician. He played all thinkable instruments. I remember him playing old Roma songs and."

  • born on 29 January 1951 in Šumava
  • trained to become a land surveyor
  • in the 1970s became a foster parent in a SOS children's village, taking care mostly of Roma children
  • married baptist priest Petr Brázda
  • studied special education in Olomouc; met Milena Hübschmannová
  • after the death of her husband got to know Josef Cincibus, a foster father, whom she latter married
  • became an activist, visited Romani people in socially excluded locations
  • field worker in Vsetín's Poschla project
  • in 2015 awarded a prize by the organization Romea for her work as a foster mother
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