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RNDr. Miloslav Nevrlý (1933)

RNDr. Miloslav Nevrlý (1933)
Every minute we come across things, people and opportunities which could change our lives if we took hold of them

Hiding valuables of Jews sent to the concentration camp

“Once someone rang the bell and there was a Jewish family. It turned out they were family members of Mr. Votický. That was the husband of aunt Votická, who raised my father. He was a Jew. He died in 1936 already but apparently he had family. And back then, the way I understood it, they came to ask my father to hide some of their valuables because they were about to be sent to the concentration camp. I remember that my mum – panicking – started pushing me and my sister in the kitchen so that we would not see anything. It was no joke back then. You were risking death penalty for hiding some Jewish jewellery or money. They were obliged to hand them over and were risking their lives if they hadn’t done so. I don’t know the exact content [of what they came to hide] because I was obviously absent. But they left at our place a construction set – Merkur – which they brought for me. And my mum forbid me to play with it.“

  • born on 29 October 1933 in Prague
  • joined the scout movement following WW II
  • in 1952 started studying at the Faculty of Sciences, Charles University
  • in 1957 started working as biologist for the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec
  • since 1968 together with Miloš Zapletal led the scout club No. 12 in Liberec; later renamed to Young Hikers Association
  • 1969 earned a doctoral degree in natural sciences for his work on bats‘ wintering grounds in the Jizera Mountains
  • during 1970s and 80s organized regular expeditions to the Romanian part of Carpathian mountains
  • in 1976 published Book on the Jizera Mountains
  • in 1982 published Carpathian Games
  • in 1989 briefly active in the Civic Forum
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