Memory of Nation


Josef Bannert (1947)

  Josef Bannert (1947)
Judge a person by their craft

"You fascist," the children would say to me in school

“As kids of German parents we suffered a little bit in school. I'm not saying we suffered a lot, but we did a little. After the war, Romanian Slovaks, Greeks, I don't know who else, moved in. Gypsies, and so on. And this (attitude) towards Germans was already there among those kids. You're German, you're a fascist, they would say, and it was quite unpleasant.”

  • born on the 8th of March 1947 in Heřmanovice, Bruntál area
  • his mother was German, Josef Bannert grew up with her in his German grandparents’ family
  • in 1948 the family was relocated to Žďár nad Sázavou
  • his mother married a Czech man, gaining Czech citizenship
  • in 1955 the family returned to Heřmanovice
  • Josef Bannert witnessed the transformation of the Sudeten region after the expulsion of Germans
  • in August 1968 he witnessed the invasion of the occupation forces during his military service
  • worked as a miner in Zlatá Hora mines from 1975
  • participated in deep level copper mining as an employee of a socialist corporation
  • in summer of 1997 he witnessed major floods in Heřmanovice
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