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Jakub Ruml (1955)

  Jakub Ruml (1955)
I tried to live a free life despite the lack of freedom

Returning from the camp to recently occupied Prague

“I know we were returning in about two days from the camp and they let us get oof the car somewhere and I said: ,Well I will walk on foot back home I guess.‘ As nothing worked back then. But I know it was near Staromák, and near there in the Paris street the publishings of the Reporter was located, where my dad worked as the chief editor´s deputy. So I thought I would go there. But there were Russians there occupying it. Dad was not there, as he lived half-illegally in a flat somewhere. So I walked all through Prague to my uncle, who lived in a villa in Vršovice near us, and for a whole week I waited there for my parents as they could not come out. And when the situation calmed down a bit they appeared and actually felt that was the end of their official carrier. And they began to draw back to a kind of a shell of opposition politics and artists. That lasted for about a year, when they still worked as journalists but without any chance to work on anything interesting. So during that year all the authorities were cleared, and all the people we knew, those we liked, our friends were kicked out and completely new era began.“

  • born on 26 May, 1955 in Prague-Podolí
  • his parents were journalist in the Czechoslovak Radio; following 1968 released and expelled from the communist party
  • not accepted to gymnasium, studied a graduation field of book printing
  • in 1977–1994 worked in an economic dpt. of the Středočeské tiskárny
  • after returning from military service in autumn 1977 signed the Chart 77
  • in dissent active as a messenger; distributed samizdat materials and handed over reports abroad
  • devoted himself to training of football youth, only after 1989 could get a professional licence
  • since 1994 active as a trainer and current secretary of youth in AC Sparta Praha
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