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Mária Lendelová (1944)

  Mária Lendelová (1944)
Sis, you should be happy, you're alive!

Teaching daddy to write

"My daddy couldn't even count to ten. Just one, two, three, four, five. They were illiterate people - not knowing to read or to write, or even to make their signature. I would take his hand holding a pencil... 'Look, I can write now,' he'd say. I controlled his hand, writing J-U-L; his name was Julius. We tried it three or four times but he couldn't even do a single letter. He told me: 'Let go, girl. I can't do it.' - 'Yes, you can. If you learn this, you'll know to write.' I drew lines for him - straight and skew, so that he'd learn. He could write the letter J but nothing more. He waved his hand and said: 'I'm no good, girl. Let it be. I won't know to write. I hadn't learned when I was small, so not even now.' I replied: 'But you can learn even at your age. So that you at least know to write your name, when necessary.' - 'I'll just write three crosses and that's it.' That always made me laugh."

  • born on 10 January 1944 in Telgárt, Slovakia
  • lost part of her family in WW II
  • ever since 1950s traveled with her father to Czechia for work
  • in 1960s got married and settled down in Czechia
  • worked in blue-collar jobs and in agriculture
  • sang in the Roma band Horváthovci
  • lives in Lovosice
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