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Václav Konzal (1931)

  Václav Konzal (1931)
I don’t feel qualified to impart any great message. I am grateful to God that I can live in a society that is diverse

Operation K - Monasteries stormed by the People’s Militia

“On 13 April 1950 I was shaken awake by a bloke with gun on his chest, in my bed, at midnight. When I came to, he said: ‘Take your personal things and go to the ground floor. You’ll get more information there.’ So I took my personal things. Well, and then I went down to the cloister on the ground floor, next to the church, and there they told us they were taking us away, that we should take our personal things. Then they loaded us on to a bus and took us to Broumov. When we arrived, they discovered that we weren’t supposed to be there at all, that we were allocated to Králíky, because the younger boys had been delegated to Králíky, to the monastery there, because they were... We were to prepare things there for the internment of older priests, who came later.”

  • born 13 December 1931 in Prague
  • 1941, enrolled at a boarding school established at the Redemptorist monastery on Holy Mountain near Příbram
  • 1950-1952, interned in “centralisation” monasteries and forced labour camps
  • 1953-1958, studied Russian and Georgian at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University
  • 1960-1970, employed as a documentarian at research institutes
  • from 1970, researcher at the Slavic Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
  • 1975, amrried Jiřina Velkoborská
  • member of the Prague Translators Group, took part in the translation of Catholic liturgical texts to Czech
  • prominent philologist, Byzantologist, and paleoslavist; the author of numerous books and studies
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