Memory of Nation


Stanislava Barabášová roz. Pospíšilová (1930)

 Stanislava Barabášová roz. Pospíšilová (1930)
You don’t live during a war, you survive through it

Clip 1 - Konrad Henlein in Hostomice in 1938

“I also saw - and I told you about this last time - I’m not quite sure now why we went to Hostomice, probably to visit Granny. When we went there we usually took the path through the brickyard, but that was closed, what with all the things going on. And so we had to go up and around by the square. We saw the stage there, already decorated with German flags, and by the time we came back - it was getting dark - that was in late August, early September, it was dusk. The Germans from the vicinity had a meeting there. They had torches, there was the Hitlerjugend, and a speaker - my dad said it was Henlein. He always said something, and it was drowned in the roar of everyone yelling ‘Heil Hitler’. It was kind of, it made me scared. It was kind of ugly, the torches, how they burned and how the people yelled, and him on the stage.”

  • born 18 May 1930 in Hostomice near Teplice
  • 1938, moved with her parents to Záluží near Most
  • Christmas 1944, almost killed in an Allied bombing of a chemical plant
  • until 1945, worked for a German family
  • 1945-1948, trained as a shop assistant in Litvínov
  • 1948, married in Litvínov; had three sons
  • 1962, moved to Písek
  • from 1987, pensioned, lives with her family in Písek and Zákolany
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