Memory of Nation


Jan Kůrka (1943)

 Jan Kůrka (1943)
I plunged into sports and politics with enthusiasm

Growing up on goat’s milk

“Mum kept goats, and the biggest disgrace for me was when I had to take the she-goat to the billy goat. Just imagine, you’re thirteen, you’re starting to like girls, and here you are, leading a she-goat to the billy goat across the village square. When I talk about it with my sister, it gives us a roaring laugh. My sister never wanted to drink Mum’s coffee if she wasn’t certain it didn’t have goat’s milk in it. I got used to it, and I practically grew up on goat’s milk. People sometimes tell me that it’s good, that I’m vigorous for my age. My wife tells me to always respond to that by saying I grew up on goat’s milk. I’m convinced that did the job.”

  • born 29 May 1943 in Pelhřimov
  • trained as a tool maker, worked at Agrostroj
  • successful competitive marksman, despite suffering from an eye defect
  • 1968, won gold at the Olympic Games in Mexico
  • 1969, three-times bronze medallist from the European championships
  • twelve-times national champion
  • in charge of marksmanship training at the military departments of several universities
  • since 1991, director of the international shooting competition Great Liberation Prize
  • an admirer of Miloš Zeman and a member of the Citizens’ Rights Party - Zemanites
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