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Sterios Kiriazopulos (1936)

  Sterios Kiriazopulos (1936)
I only heard my heart beating

They wanted to take him away from his parents for re-education in so-called Queen Frederick's homes

“The soldiers from Argos came, who were called the right-wingers. They took children from Spilej and took them to Argos. I was with my mom and they took me too. Altogether they took about thirty children up to fifteen years of age. While they got into a house and wanted to take another kid, I disappeared. They had machine guns. As a small ten year old kid I hid in a pit, where hay was stored. They were searching for me and did not find me. My heart was beating for a really long time. They could not stay in Spilej as in the evening the partisans usually appeared. So they took the kids and I stayed there on my own and in the evening I heard they were not there, so I went home.”

  • born on 23 April, 1934 in the village of Spilea in the North Eastern Greece
  • brother Petros fought for ELAS against the German occupants
  • brother Petros imprisoned for two years
  • brother Petros fought for DSE in Greek civil war
  • in 1948 family fled from Greece
  • the witness lived in the child shelter in the Hungarian Högyesz
  • years later the family reunited in Nové Vilémovice
  • in 2017 Sterios Kiriazopulos lived in Javorník
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