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JUDr. Václav Eliáš (1929 - 2017)

JUDr. Václav  Eliáš (1929 - 2017)
When they kicked me out from the law faculty, I ran away to theatre and I became a dancer


“I had quite a lot of books and they were writing various statements for me and so when the situation changed here, I applied and I submitted those letters and then I began a distance study of law again, and they even acknowledged my previous two years of study. An interesting situation occurred, because when I started fighting for my rehabilitation, I began writing various letters and I brought the last letter there, and it stated that they considered me a rehabilitated student, and the official thus told me that since I had everything in order, I was allowed to come to the graduation ceremony... straight away... and after graduation I went to work in the brickworks in Bohunice.”

  • born September 27, 1929 in Pilsen
  • his father was sent to uranium mines in 1948
  • the entire family was persecuted
  • Václav Eliáš was expelled from university
  • sent to the Auxiliary Technical Battalions in 1951
  • released after two years, began studying at the law faculty again
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