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Květoslava Blahutová (1935)

  Květoslava Blahutová (1935)
The landscape changed. It used to be nicer

Russians pushed down my father from the buggy and the horses were gone

“The Russians wanted dad to harness the horses into the buggy and take them to some officer. But on the outskirts of the village they hit my father with a rifle and they pushed him down from the buggy and they went away without him and the horses were gone with them. Dad came home and he was crying. A Russian commander was resting there on a bench and dad was begging him to do something. ‘It’s war. I cannot do anything,’ shrugged the Russian. We have never found out where the horses ended. They killed cows and all animals, and then they fried and boiled and baked the meat. Only the innards were left scattered around the barn.”

  • born February 4, 1935 in Polanka nad Odrou
  • her father was a farmer, her mother died while giving birth, she was raised by her father’s sister
  • in 1942 Nazis confiscated her father’s farm and land, Totaleinsatz in Germany
  • she witnessed the fighting for Ostrava in April 1945
  • the family lost their cattle and other property with the arrival of the Red Army
  • in May 1945 witnessed the interment of civilian Germans and violence perpetrated by Czechs
  • her father Ulmann was marked as a kulak after 1948, all their property was confiscated by the Unified Agricultural Cooperative
  • in 1951–1954 worked in the Klement Gottwald Ironworks in Vítkovice
  • later she began working for the Czechoslovak State Railways where she stayed until her retirement
  • witnessed the invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies into Czechoslovakia in August 1968
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