Memory of Nation


František Lehejček (1927 - 2016)

  František Lehejček (1927 - 2016)
When I saw Masaryk, I was so surprised that I was not even able to greet him

Remembering how his father thought of WWI

“Nobody, nobody wanted to speak about the war. Everybody was saying, God forbid that we live to see it, it is horrible. There is nothing to eat. You don’t know if somebody shoots you or sets your house on fire by a grenade. You don’t know where the war front is going to advance or retreat. The people simply did not want to speak at all about the World War which they themselves had experienced.”

  • born October 28, 1927 in Počátky in the Vysočina region
  • his father was a legionnaire who had fought in Russia
  • his family was helping to hide a transmitter during WWII
  • his uncle was arrested by the Gestapo and he died in Terezín
  • František was bringing food to partisans who were hiding in the surrounding forests during WWII
  • in 1945 he graduated from a trade academy
  • employed as a supply manager in the company Lifts and Machines
  • died on March 3, 2016
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