Memory of Nation


Olga Wankeová, roz. Piskorová (1929)

  Olga Wankeová, roz. Piskorová (1929)
The world is unjust

Revolution in Prague in 1945, revenge against the Germans

“My uncle was a German, a very good man. During the war, as he was walking home, he came and said, those people are so careless, they are listening to foreign radio broadcast, tell them to be more careful, because listening to foreign broadcast was punished by death during the war. In 1945, during the revolution, they mercilessly shot him to death and they threw him into a mass grave which is still located under the hotel International in Dejvice! They took his watch, his wedding ring, his brilliant ring, the revolution was so unjust! They were hanging people. Like in Podbaba, I did not want to see it, but people were so cruel; for instance, there was a young German man, twenty-years old, and they made him jump into the Vltava River and they were shooting at him as he was swimming across. And they were hanging them on street lamp posts and forcing them to work. I didn’t want to see it at all, and I did not want to see people who had been through concentration camps, either. They were only bad people, evil by nature, and they were taking revenge for something and they did not know why…”

  • born in 1929 in Lysolaje
  • fearing the destruction of Lysolaje after the villages of Lidice and Ležáky had been burnt to the ground
  • witnessed atrocities committed against the Germans after the end of the war, cruel death of her uncle
  • education in the Institute of English Ladies near Strakonice
  • disbandment of the order and dispersal of the nuns, termination of her study and its completion in Prague
  • her job application at the ministry of foreign affairs was rejected, working in the Technical Centre of the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) instead
  • the family was considering emigration during their holiday in Yugoslavia at the time of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968
  • return to Czechoslovakia, political screenings, burial of her parents and relatives
  • moved to her native Lysolaje in 1980
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