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PhDr. Monika MacDonagh Pajerová (1966)

PhDr. Monika MacDonagh Pajerová (1966)
To endure

How to Obtain Permission to Organize 17th November

Well, the 17th November was a firebomb that had fired it all off, but I have to be honest and say that we organizers, didn´t count on anything like that. We simply..we organized it for a pretty long time, spent several months making banners, preparing flags and flowers and what was most important, Marek Benda from the STUHA and I from the STIS were running around all the state administration offices, the Communist Party, the Socialist Union of Youth, the Prague Committee of this and that. Well, we were really a good team to fight to get the permission. We wanted badly to make the 17th November demonstration legal so that then we could invite as many people as possible there. This was the idea Martin Mejstřík and I brought back from East Germany where at that time in Halle, Leipzig, Gera, Jena – everywhere there had already been demonstrations – officially for peace, organized by Protestant Churches. They simply gave us the advice: everything had to be legal. “We always get a permission for the Freedom March to take place and then, of course, lots of other people join in, tens of thousands. And then they can hardly do anything against such large crowds.“ Mejstřa and I were all ears and once they took us on Monday, it was in Leipzig, at the end of September or the beginning of October and there were 400 000 people at the demonstration. We were completely beside ourselves, couldn´t believe it at all. And this was called the Peace March and the organizers were the churches of St Nikolaus and St Thomas. That was something.. we were only staring ..As here, we couldn´t count on the support of the Church too much, we decided to use Jan Opletal and the anniversary of closing Czech Universities.

  • 8th January 1966 was born at Janov near Děčín
  • 1988 - 1989 was in charge of the Student Information Centre, spoke to the students on 17th November meeting at Albertov, was one of the student speakers of the so-called Velvet Revolution and the press spokesperson of the Strike Committee Coordination
  • 1990 - 1998 worked as a cultural atache at the Czechoslovak and Czech Embassy in Paris, Council of Europe, Strassbourg, in the following years was involved in the Czech pro EU campaign, is the author, co-author or editor of several publications
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