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Professor, colonel Jože Sivaček (1954)

Professor, colonel Jože Sivaček (1954)
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Czechs and Serbia's Military Academy

“And now for a Czech story… The necessity of reorganising our educational system became apparent in the late 1990s and early 21st century. We were looking for a new model corresponding to the social changes. They offered me steering the reform of the military educational system. First, I was pleasantly surprised to receive such an offer at my age, and second, it was my mission. I realised that the very Military Academy was founded by a Czech – General František Zach – back in 1850 and that, 150 years later, there was another Czech entrusted with reforming military education. It was a unique opportunity, one that few people get in their life. When searching for models we needed the support from certain similar institutions abroad. Why, I turned to none other than the Czech Republic, so the model of our system is based on the model that the Czech Republic has to this day. The institutions are similar. Yes, ours resembles the Czech model.”

  • Born in Bela Crkva in former Yugoslavia on 13 March 1954
  • Member of the Czech minority in Serbia
  • Graduated from a grammar school and the Military Academy in Belgrade
  • Became a professor and then the Dean of the Military Academy
  • Was involved in a reform of the military educational system after 2000
  • Self-proclaimed member of the Czech community and the Chairman of the Czech National Council
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