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Eleni Mikušová roz. Stambolidu (1938)

  Eleni Mikušová roz. Stambolidu (1938)
Mum left us behind and returned to Greece to fight

Fleeing the Greek civil war

"My mum so decided because we got the news that they would come in the morning and burn down the whole village. My mum got scared. She insisted on us leaving for the mountains. My dad didn't want to go. He wanted to go to the lowlands. But my mum didn't. He went with us. There were more of us, fleeing to the mountains. All our property stayed in Greece. We had some blankets with us, otherwise, all was left behind. We were in the mountains and my mum was pregnant. The guerrilla fighters came over, drafting guys to the army. My dad told them they should let him cross the border so that he could see whether the child would be a boy or a girl. They replied that either he'd go with them or they'd shoot him dead. So he had to go."

  • born on 24 July 1938 in Kavalari, Greece
  • in 1946 fled the Greek civil war with her mother to Macedonia
  • her mother left her along with three siblings in Macedonia and returned to Greece to fight
  • her father stayed in Greece and his fate remains unknown
  • in 1949, she was resettled with her siblings to Czechoslovakia
  • lived in children's homes up until 15 years of age
  • in 1951, her mother came to Czechoslovakia and found her four children
  • worked in blue-collar jobs
  • settled with her husband and two sons in Havířov
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