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Emil Miko (1961)

  Emil Miko (1961)
Karel Gott told us: hats off to you guys!

Kale band

"We never performed much in Czechia but we were in thirty countries: America, Israel, Turkey, Greece - we played all around the world. Even at places where no one else had played. We had a concert in Hollywood Bowl, which is a scene which hosted the Beatles and where only the biggest stars play. Elton John and the like. We managed to play there. Once in Prague, Karel Gott told us he heard we played there. We said: 'Yes, we did.' He replied: 'You know what, guys, that has been my dream - to at least set foot in Hollywood Bowl. Hats off to you.'"

  • born on 12 July 1961
  • since 1978 member of a cimbalom band
  • 1982 birth of his first daughter
  • 1983 wedding and birth of his second daughter
  • 1986 quitting the band
  • 1991 co-founded the band Kale
  • 1995 first CD release: Rom Pop
  • 1997 second release: Kale Kaloré; gold record
  • 2005 Věra Bílá left the band
  • 2012 birth of his first grandchild
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