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Anna Foglová (1938)

 Anna  Foglová (1938)
If anyone had found out about it at the time, our whole family would have been shot

Hiding the Jewish family of Tejtelman

“The father of the family came to my parents to ask if they could hide somewhere. Dad told them to come in a week, and he discussed the matter with Granddad and prepared a stack of straw. They made a hole there, which they covered up. The stack was right behind the barn, where we used to go for straw, so there wasn’t any danger of betraying their whereabouts with a trodden path. They had a pail for faeces, and Grandma would always empty it in the evening. They brought them food every evening as well. Once a week they prepared things to let them have a bath inside the house. They didn’t tell [us] about it until now, and their youngest son also recalled how things were. How they’d been in the ghetto and had managed to escape. One of their sons was shot there. Nine-year-old Josef got lost somewhere and wandered around the forest alone. It must have been terrible. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. But then he met up with his parents. Winter was coming, they didn’t what to do, so they set off to our place in Frankov. They agreed with my parents that we’d hide in the stack, and that was from autumn till spring, eight months.”

  • born 1938 in Frankov (Velké Dorohostaje) in Volhynia
  • a Volhynian Czech
  • during WW2, her parents hid and fed seven Jews (the Tejtelmans, the Valešes)
  • her father Josef Holátko served in the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps
  • 1947, the family remigrated to Czechoslovakia
  • 1991, Josef and Anna Holátko received the Righteous Among Nations award
  • as of 2017, Anna Foglová lives in Šumperk
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