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Mária Ševčíková (1935)

 Mária  Ševčíková (1935)
We suffered greatly

Forced signature

"He had two brothers and one sister. So they gave him a paper where he was supposed to sign over the fields of his brother, the land of his second brother and the land of his sister as well. This way it jumped to land size of about 20 acres. He had to sign it as they held his hand to write his name down. He didn't want to, he was reluctant. However, this is how he happened to be in the cooperative at last. "

  • Mária Ševčíková was born in 1935 in Hlohovec
  • during the war her parents Michal and Barbora were hiding their acquaintances - a Jewish family of Sterns
  • despite of exposing the whole family to danger, they still decided to take this risk
  • the communists violently seized their land and assigned it to the joint cooperative
  • in 2009, the Zelenay family received the "Justice among the Nations" award
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