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Štefan Maďar (1932)

 Štefan Maďar (1932)
Ten years of imprisonment for fabricated espionage

Detaining in Austria and investigation in Bratislava

“As we walked along the Danube, I told my friend not to get further from the water, to keep it in sight. This way we walked through the night, slept in the hay and in the morning, we continued towards Bruck. We didn't know where exactly we were going and we were surprised when the Austrians detained us. Suddenly, someone just screamed: 'Halt! Legitimation!' and there we were. They put us in their cars and drove us to some town. We stayed there for three days and then they told us they would take us to Bratislava. 'Holy Mother of God!' I was so beaten in Bratislava! Every evening when it got dark, the investigation began. The window was open and three men interrogated me. They handed me over from one another and kept beating me. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I even thought about jumping out of the window. I rethought it and didn't jump out, but every single day I was beaten, mostly at nights.”

  • born on July 31, 1932 in Borský Svätý Jur
  • shortly after the communist takeover he attempted to emigrate from communist Czechoslovakia
  • in 1952 he was rearrested and sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment
  • he spent more than five years in Jáchymov mines
  • after the fall of the communist regime he was engaged in founding the Confederation of Political Prisoners
  • nowadays he lives retired in Borský Svätý Jur
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