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Filip Paulech (1929)

 Filip Paulech (1929)
Communists chose the worst village jerks as their representatives

Threats of lieutenant Terelia against the PTP soldiers (1950)

“We had to work under a horrible terror. When our trolleys were empty, we had to run back to the place of excavation. And of course, the rails had such couplings and bumps. As we were running along those rails, we hit the lump and derailed the trolley. There were just two of us and we didn't have enough strength to lift the trolley back on its rails. The lieutenant being a commander of the company took out his gun and screamed, 'I shall shoot you like dogs! You think you can sabotage it here? You are politically unreliable, so when I shoot you, nothing happens!' That's what he yelled at me in Czech. He was an officer who supposedly came with General Svoboda up to Prague. They liberated Prague and then he happened to be the commander of our company. His name was lieutenant Terelia.”

  • born on May 1, 1929 in the village of Moravany nad Váhom
  • as a nine year old boy, he lost his father and had to help his mother at the family homestead
  • in 1949 he attended a public meeting, where members of the local government were elected
  • there he interfered against morals of a communist party candidate, what caused him to receive an evaluation report of the party enemy
  • in years 1950 – 1952 he had to take part in penitentiary military service in units of the Auxiliary Technical Battalions (PTP)
  • the majority of his working life he spent in Odevné závody Trenčín (Clothing Factory) as the head of custom production
  • currently he lives retired in Trenčín with his wife, Helena Paulechová (née Duláková)
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