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Ján Zachara (1928)

 Ján Zachara (1928)
None of us understood the notion of fame

Boxing beginnings

“I was beginning when I was fifteen. Back then, there weren't such differences as you can see today. I could fight with a man as well, but today it is divided into juniors, intermediates, seniors, men, etc. At the beginnings there wasn't such division at all. I can just say that our coach, I have already mentioned him, was a professional officer. He used to be in command of many soldiers. If they wanted to have a free Sunday, he asked for their names and allowed them to take the time off only under the condition they would come to the gym. This gym has been still open in Dubnica near the soccer field. They were our sparring partners without any difference. For example, the soldier weighted app. 165 pounds and me, wearing the winter coat, had about 105 pounds in total. So this was the only difference.”

  • born on August 27, 1928
  • 1943 beginnings of his boxing career
  • 1945 his father was sent to the concentration camp in Ravensbrück
  • 1946 got to finals of All-Slavonic Championship in Prague
  • 1952 won an Olympic gold in featherweight during the Summer Olympics in Helsinki
  • for two times, between 1954 – 1959, he became a champion of the Czechoslovak Republic
  • 1959 end of his boxing career
  • 2012 was awarded the Silver Olympic Order
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