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MUDr. Drahomíra Vedrová (1920)

MUDr. Drahomíra Vedrová (1920)
Most of all, I wish that there be no war anymore

Murder for money

“…during the First World War, my father was in danger because of money, because there were many women here whose husbands were on the front, and they were receiving some aid from the state, and since they did not want to waste half a day by going to the office to pick up the money, they asked my father to bring the money to them. Dad was bringing the money to them, but there were also deserters who had escaped from the front and they were assaulting people, and there was even a murder for money, and one time they even murdered a policeman here, because he was after them very much and the deserters were hiding in forests and this one policeman was chasing them intensely and arresting them and they were put in prison, and then they went to the war front and some of them also died there. And so they murdered this policeman.”

  • Drahomíra Vedrová was born on February 4, 1920 in Brno
  • she came from a poor family, three brothers
  • began studying at the faculty of medicine in 1938
  • 1939 – occupation of Brno and the closing down of universities
  • 1946 – studied at the university again, became a doctor
  • 1947 – began working in the pediatric ward in the hospital in Zlín
  • 1953 – return to Brno, assisting the famous doctor Otakar Teyschl, the founder of pediatric medicine
  • 1956 – dismissed from work due to her religion
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