Memory of Nation


Master of Fine Arts Libor Pešek (1933)

Master of Fine Arts Libor Pešek (1933)
A music conductor is always an exile of sorts

Power of classical music

"I became a student of the Faculty of Music and Dance. When I was in the second year, the Italian conductor Antonio Pedrotti came to visit Prague. He wasn't a world renowned conductor but performed several concerts with the Czech Symphonic Orchestra. I went to the rehearsals and suddenly saw classical music being played in a dynamic and attractive way. A full-blooded way. There, I completely reversed my attitude towards classical music. And ever since, I have been doing it to the full."

  • born in 1953
  • classmate and a long-term friend of the director Miloš Forman
  • 1951-1956 studied conducting at the Faculty of Music and Dance
  • founded the Chamber Symphonic Orchestra and the Sebastian Orchestra
  • 1963-1969 second conductor in the Northern Bohemian Symphonic Orchestra, Teplice
  • 1969-1979 residency in the Netherlands
  • 1970-1977 chief conductor of the Eastern Bohemian State Chamber Orchestra, Pardubice
  • 1981-1982 chief conductor of the Slovak Symphonic Orchestra, Bratislava
  • 1982-1990 second conductor of the Czech Symphonic Orhcestra
  • 1986-1997 chief conductor of Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
  • 27 March 1996 awarded the Order of the British Empire
  • 28 October 1997 awarded Czech Medal of Honor, 1st degree
  • since 2007 chief conductor of the Czech Symphonic Orchestra
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