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Štefan Klepaček (1950)

  Štefan Klepaček (1950)
I hope I gave back to the community and everybody who had helped me with my work

We spoke Serbian at home

“I was born in 1950. I hail from a mixed family. My father was Czech and my mother was Hungarian. My mother’s family came to the area (ed. note: near Bela Crkva) seeking jobs and a better living. My mother’s name was Teresa and my daughter got her name after her. The unwritten rule in the family was that you could not speak Czech or Hungarian – only Serbian was allowed. When I went to the primary school I enrolled for the Czech class, which still existed at the time. When my father found out that the class had the same teacher who had taught him he immediately had me removed from the Czech class. He said there was no need for me to go through what he went through in his time. Back then, teachers had more of an authority and they enforced discipline using sticks or rulers.”

  • Born in Bela Crkva in Yugoslavia on 20 August 1950
  • Member of the Czech minority in Serbia
  • Graduated from a school of economics in Belgrade
  • Worked as a commercial director and CFO as well as a receiver
  • Founded the Matica češka compatriot organisation in Bela Crkva in 1997
  • Became the first Chair of the newly established Czech Nationality Council in 2010
  • The current Chair of Matica češka
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