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Božena Kopcová (1920)

  Božena Kopcová (1920)
We did not think about being in the resistance movement; it was simply necessary, the people needed it

German intervention

“Well, I came nearly all the way from Meziříčko to the forest - and there was a German! The Germans were everywhere, below Krasonice, and in Humperk, everywhere. He stopped me, he poked me in my stomach with his rifle like this and he yelled at me. I didn’t know what he wanted, but since my dad worked and taught in Vienna, he could speak German. We had optional classes of German at school in Budějovice, and I was taking them for about a year. But the way our teacher worked with us… we told him about some article, and that was enough. But I knew something. And so I said to this German – Ich over there meine Großmutter and Großvater and Ich zu Hause Domamil – and he pushed me and then he let me go. But I was carrying my son on my back and I walked a few steps and I realized: If he shoots at me, the boy gets hit, doesn’t he? I thus took my son down from my back and I held him in my arms and I carried him all the way home to the gamekeeper’s lodge. But I came there and the house was taken over by Germans. Well, they yelled at me. There was certain Ambrož who was with the policemen here. He could speak German and he was translating for me. They were asking if my husband was going out at nights or if he was at home? Well, I told them that he had to be at home, because I was pregnant so why would he go anywhere, right?! And so they got up and left. They let it be. And that’s how we were saved.”

  • born on September 13, 1920
  • married gamekeeper Josef Kopec in 1941
  • the family joined the resistance movement
  • in 1944 they were hiding paratroopers from the group Spelter in the gamekeeper’s lodge and in neighbouring buildings
  • an illegal transmitter was broadcasting from their gamekeeper’s lodge and they were also hiding weapons and explosives
  • awarded with the Golden Linden Decoration by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic in 2017 for her resistance activity
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