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RNDr. Michal Hron (1949)

RNDr. Michal  Hron (1949)
The older I get, the more I realise that the meaning of life is to be good to others

Jan Palach Week in January 1989 and declaration of scientists to denounce the brutality

“It naturally matured like this up until the year [19]88 when it all started to lighten up and I would bring samizdat books from Prague and lend them out, from the Petlice edition at that time, there were more editions, so I would bring them and give them out. And that to that January month in the year [19]89, when during the anniversary of Jan Palach's self-immolation people were commemorating it in an absolutely peaceful way at Wenceslas Square, by that St Wenceslas statue, where it happened. And the police brutally broke them up. So they came back the second day, the third day, so that's why they call it Jan Palach Week. It lasted seven days… in January weather the police simply sprayed them with water cannons, it was brutal for that time, brutal. Well, and the scientific and technical workers' and scientists' communities could not put up with that. They wrote a declaration where they denounced it, which was after a long time since the intelligentsia said: “O.K., that's enough, it can't go on like this.” They released it as a petition and everyone could participate. So I got my hands on the petition in Prague and brought it to Textilana and left it there for the people from the information technology centre, all voluntarily of course, I let them read it and whoever wanted could join in.”

  • born on the 18th of June 1949 in Prague
  • graduated from the Maths and Physics Faculty of Charles University
  • spent the years 1972-1990 working as a programmer for the IT centre of the Textilana company in Liberec
  • distributed Charter 77 and the declaration of scientific and technical workers which denounced the brutality that happened during the Jan Palach Week in 1989
  • founded the Civic Forum in Liberec
  • spent the 1990s as a member of the Liberec local government and the mayor's deputy for economics and housing
  • has worked as a tax counsellor since 1997
  • helped found the Party for the Open Society
  • member of the Mayors and Independents movement for the Liberec region
  • works in the finance committee of the regional government and in the anti-corruption committee of the regional council
  • president of the Liberec Jewish Community
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