Memory of Nation


Zdeněk Jelínek (1957)

  Zdeněk Jelínek (1957)
The situation leads to solidarity

An agent among us

“About a year before the revolution the Movement for Civic Freedom was created. I helped organize events so the people could meet up. We knew the State Security was after us so I would drive around with my car to invite people, without paper invitations or phone calls – because of wiretaps. So I took their addresses and drove to the signatories all around the northern Bohemia region. But they still found out. So there was a State Security agent acting as a mole among the people. The meeting point was in Úštěk and the police was already waiting for us at the train station with vans.”

  • born on the 19th October 1957 in Česká Lípa
  • from 1968 to 1971 was member of Junák
  • tried to acquire his blue book to be exempted from the military service (attempted suicide, spent time in a psychiatric institution)
  • from the late 1970s he organized illegal culture events in the Česká Lípa area
  • published the samizdat magazine Šuplík
  • signed Charter 77 in 1980
  • from 1981 to 1988 he organized unofficial art exhibitions in Peklo
  • signatory of Hnutí za občanskou svobodu (Movement of Civic Freedom)
  • organized meetings of the Movement of Civic Freedom in Česká Lípa
  • co-founded the Civic Forum and the Civic Democratic Party in Česká Lípa
  • today he owns a pub in Holany and organizes unofficial art exhibitions there since 2015
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