Memory of Nation


Věra Vohlídalová (1942)

 Věra  Vohlídalová (1942)
I was raised so that one should be interested in the environment where he lives

Father´s visit in the Soviet Union

“This one is an interesting photo, also from the 1950s. My father was still in the communist party and had certain issues. As he was rewarded to visit the Soviet Union and when he came back he was telling around about the Potěmkin villages. That there are some cows, which apparently milk around twenty litres a day, but maybe one or two of the whole. And as he was the way he was, he escaped from the group; as even nowadays you cannot go all around Russia, that is not simply, or in Belorussia. Well so he went to have a look to the farm and found out the terrible state of matters. Or he got robbed in the hotel and kept talking about it everywhere, that there are the same robbers as here. And of course he got into trouble for it. In the end when the expelled him from the party, he was told that he was against the Soviet Union and destroying things here.“

  • born on 8. February 1942 in London
  • parents were kicked out of the communist party and became engaged in dissent
  • at Charles University she graduated from librarianship
  • in 1968 kicked out of job for protesting against occupation
  • in November 1989 got hold of a video from the National Avenue and organised a screening in the hospital employees in Liberec
  • after revolution she became a library director and was in charge of construction of the new building
  • was accused of misappropriation of money to the new library, the charge was finally withdrawn
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