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MUDr. Milan Prokeš (1931)

MUDr. Milan  Prokeš (1931)
We lived in constant fear

Father sentenced to imprisonment and persecution of the family

“They postponed the verdict to two o’clock in the afternoon. They went with the documents to the Central Committee of the Communist Party and they made the decision there. Uncle was sentenced to death penalty and dad to ten years of imprisonment, loss of property and loss of civil rights although he was supposed to be acquitted. The defence counsel had said this to my father and to me she had said that we would take father home. Now he was listening to the verdict and he heard ten years. It was a blow. It was horrible. I was then going to visit my father in the Bory prison. Horrible. He was being regularly beaten and punished by a ‘correction cell’ – a bunker. It was underground, all in concrete, with bread and water. I remember that during my visit they allowed us to go to the toilet together. I think that they did it on purpose so that I would see that he was peeing blood. I was a young boy. It was horrible. The court sentenced my uncle to execution by hanging and you have probably heard how cruel they made his execution; they let him suffocate. They executed him immediately in November, even before Heliodor Píka. Father was sentenced to ten years, my brother was doing his military service and he was sentenced to one year of imprisonment for nothing, without a reason. They did not have anything on me at that time, but in 1952 they sent me to the Auxiliary Technical Battalions.”

  • born on May 11, 1931 in Zábřeh
  • the family moved to Brodek u Přerova after the occupation in 1938
  • his uncle Květoslav Prokeš fought in the Czechoslovak and French army during WWII
  • uncle Květoslav Prokeš organized a resistance group which planned to overthrow the communist regime
  • uncle Květoslav Prokeš was executed on November 5, 1949 in the Pankrác prison in Prague
  • his father Antonín Prokeš was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment
  • his brother Vladimír was sentenced to one year
  • Milan Prokeš was expelled from university in 1951
  • served in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions (PTP) in 1952–1954
  • graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Palacký University in Olomouc in 1959
  • active in the Union of the Auxiliary Technical Battalions for many years
  • in 2016 decorated with the Cross of Merit of the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic (3rd class)
  • in 2017 living in Brodek u Přerova
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