Memory of Nation


M.Eng. Zuzana Bartová, rod. Špitzerová (1934)

M.Eng. Zuzana Bartová, rod. Špitzerová (1934)
The noble profession saved their lives

Her classmate told her off

“One of my friends, or better, classmates, I don't even know from what reason, told me off and called me a dirty Jew. However, I slapped her. She didn't protest, moreover, she even asked me for forgiveness…”

  • born in Žilina on January 8, 1934
  • when Hitler took over, Zuzana's parents decided not to have any more children
  • during the war she attended elementary school near cloister of Vincentines in Žilina
  • from February 2 until the April 30, 1945 Zuzana and her mother were hiding in Gajdošík family
  • in spring 1945, mother's brother was shot down in Auschwitz during his attempt to escape; her grandparents most probably died on their way to concentration camp in 1944
  • April 30, 1945 – Žilina was liberated as one of the last cities of Slovakia and the family returned to their home, which was occupied by Germans during the war
  • 1970 her husband was fired from the Department of Marxism and Leninism due to personal evaluations of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
  • 2016 Zuzana's husband passed away
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